Geek Of All Trades: Episode 53 – TELALL5R

Happy Workers day everyone! How about you pull up a chair and listen to this month’s podcast, where you broadcast at you from the halls of ICON 2019 This month we are discussing a host of new Roleplaying games with old guest Yeshin and new guest Russel From Torg: Eternity, New Legend of the 5 […]

Geek Of All Trades: Episode 52 -Multiplayer Madness

Once more, into the breach dear friends! as we discuss the current state of the Multiplayer world and where we currently like to enjoy some gaming with friends. From Apex Legends all the way to Jackbox party games, we’ve got the spectrum covered as we’re joined by our favorite multiplayer and friend Chris De Bruin. […]

Geek Of All Trades: Episode 51 – Spooky Spectacular

Ah February, the month of love and slowly recovering Christmas budgets! Which is why of course, we are discussing the spooky and mythical! Being episode (Area) 51, we couldn’t resist bringing in our old friend Vittorio Leonardi, who has recently started his own podcast covering the Unrbane Myths of South Africa Join us as we […]

Geek Of All Trades: Episode 50 – Just 50

Hey there, Hi there Hello there! You may have noticed we haven’t uploaded our 50th Podcast to the usual avenues yet. Worry not! We were trying something new and Live streamed it whilst playing minecraft! You can go listen to it on our MAIN CHANNEL or our Backup Channel as they’ve been saved in Vod […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 48 – Finding the Path to 2.0

Roleplaying! Like it or not, its gaining in popularity over the years and with the advent of it’s success in Pathfinder Paizo entertainment have decided to release a second edition, Pathfinder 2.0! Join us as we discuss some of the changes to the system that we are beta testing. Not of fan of fantasy roleplay? […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 47 – Just X-Winging it

The year continues to fly by and with it, the launch of a new edition of X-wing the tabletop space combat game! Tune in as we speak with local Mole wrangler and X-Wing Nationals event organiser and streamer, Gerhard Pretorius to talk about some of the changes to the game, as well as some of […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 46 – Expert Con Artists

Comicon Africa IS HERE! But who are all these strange and wonderful people who are attending and holding panels? What else are they doing there? Why does time and space collapse halfway through this episode?! Join us as we delve into the vault of wonder that is our old friend Greg Nell’s comic expertise to […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 45 – Missing No.

Geek of All trades returns, but where is their next guest?! Has time and space become unstuck, dislodging their guest from the episode? Tune in to find out, as we discuss ICON Durban as well as the upcoming Calendar events for like minded Geeks remaining to us in 2018. As well as future podcasts to […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 44 – Prepare For Trouble

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Is catching them your real test? Training them your cause? Well then join us this month as we interview Dale Schwikkard, winner of the 2018 Pokemon Nationals held in Cape Town this year. We discuss the state of the game and how […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 43 – An ICONic Change

Winter slowly creeps upon us and with it, our favourite gaming convention ICON draws near! Join us as we discuss with Icon organiser Les Allen, about the fancy new venue, exciting things to expect this year and future plans for the con to come Head over at the NEXUS to find out! Curious to follow […]


Well slice my hacker deck and call me a con goer, the GOAT quiz is back again! Do you reckon you can topple our previous champions, Team Planetary Express, from their pedestals? We will be running at ICON 2018 which is at Emperor’s Palace Friday 29th June 2018 Quiz Start Time: 19:00 Quiz Entry Fee: […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 42 – Life, The Universe and TV

May is upon us and the eves begin to chill down here in sunny South Africa. What better way to spend them then, than to watch some of the latest in Geeky TV shows! Join us as we chat with regular 3rd chair Christopher Dean as we discuss some of the shows we’ve been watching […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 41 – What Twitchery is this?!

Title: Geek of All Trades – Episode 41 – What Twitchery is This?! Writeup: With the advent of faster and faster internet line speeds, the age of streaming content slowly dawns upon us! This is why this month, we speak to Byron “YoghurtFlinger” Fox about the mysteries of the platform known as Twitch. Why should […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 40 – The Burning Pyre of the Phoenix Fire

Books! Phoenixs! Fire(Fly!) Join us this month as we speak to local authors Natalie Rivener and Ann-Elize de Ridder about their anothology book Phoenix Fire! We also chat about authoring books in general as well as writing tips The book also contains several other authors you may also recognise, so give us a listen Head […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 39 – Anime Buffet

Greetings there weary traveler! Do you hunger for something to watch, but not know quite what flavour of show you’re in the mood to consume? Do you care to sample a delectable array of some of the freshest anime? Tune in to this month’s episode, as we discuss some recent anime with the lovely Tessa […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 38 – Minecrafting a better world

Ever wondered what it would be like to help the united nations with a game? Well wonder no more! This year we are joined by Eugenio, one of the minds behind the Block by Block initiative, where Minecraft is used to help build better cities! Curious? Give us a listen! Head on over to NEXUS […]

Geek of All Trades: Episode 35 – Dum Dum Duuuuum!

In case you missed it, Head on over to NEXUS to check this months episode out! Queries. comments or thoughts? let us know what you’re thinking or anything else about the show by emailing us at   Share this: