Monthly archives: March 2015

Con Report: Hobby X – March 2015

Hobby X! The ever cycling convention that allows folks to not only spread their existing hobbies to others, but also themselves pick up new ones! We had the opportunity to wander the half spherical halls of the Coca Cola Dome and examine the exhibits back on the 7th of March 2015, so we decided to […]

Mini Review: Lords of Waterdeep

Dungeons and Dragons! One of the most iconic and beloved game franchises of all times! Many folks have had their first gaming experience through this faithful game, and many more are experiencing it today, now in ways more than just the traditional role playing atmosphere! Enter Wizards of the Coast, Lords of Waterdeep, which is based in […]

Mini Review: Dead of Winter

It’s Boardgameapalooza month here at Geek of all trades and the folks at Plaid Hat games (The folks who brought us Summoner wars and Mice & Mystics) have come out with a new series of co-operative traitor games that we think you should take a look at! The Crossroads series, which Plaid hat aims to eventually expand into […]