Episode 5 – Tabletop Wars

It’s April 1st! and the episode we have for you today is no joke! This month is Tabletop Wars, so, in this episode, we are joined by Daniel Hallinan, an all around gamer and good friend. In it we compare three different approaches to Tabletop wargaming, with each of us weighing up pros, cons and cost of […]

Episode 3 – Big in Japan

Great googly moogly, It’s February already, so we have a brand new episode for you! In this episode we are joined by Kevin Barlow, Gregg’s brother and a young translator who’s making it Big In Japan working for Good Smile Company. In it we discuss how he ended up in Japan, why he ended up in Japan […]

Episode 1 – Prognostication

Episode 1 is live! In this episode we are joined by our good friend Les Allen from  GEEKXP  and the Release the Geek Podcast. In it we discuss some of our favourite Geeky moments from 2014 and then go on to “Predict” future geeky happenings for 2015 You can listen to it in your browser right […]