Geek Of All Trades: Episode 49 – Prognostication 1 – The Phantom Prognostication 1

The rad ladz from Release the Geek have joined us once more, squeezing into our third chair for our annual geeky predictions episode!

Looking back, we go over our results from this year (2018) and see just how badly we did at being oracles! Who do you think was the most accurate this year?

Later we crack out our Tarot Decks, polish our crystal balls and read the tea leaves as we look forward, attempting to part the mists of time and try to foresee what geek related events will occur in 2019.

Join in and see if you agree or disagree with our predictions!

Or even send us your own prediction for 2019!

Join us over at the NEXUS to listen!


There is a player right here!


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