Geek Of All Trades: Episode 53 – TELALL5R

Happy Workers day everyone!

How about you pull up a chair and listen to this month’s podcast, where you broadcast at you from the halls of ICON 2019
This month we are discussing a host of new Roleplaying games with old guest Yeshin and new guest Russel
From Torg: Eternity, New Legend of the 5 rings and the retro pink lands of Dnd 5E’s Lasers Liches, if you’re looking for a new RPG this episode is for you!

Whats your favorite new RPG to play with friends? Let us know by sending a mail to or join us on our Geek of All Trades Discord channel over HERE

We love feedback!

Join us over at the NEXUS to listen!


There is a player right here!


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