The Great Geek Challenge

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The GREAT GEEK CHALLENGE is a simple concept.

Born from the desire to “cross pollinate” the various geeky pursuits at a convention, the challenge was envisioned as a test no con-goer or festival participant could resist. This, coupled with the opportunity to spread the word about some of the amazing things you can find in some corners of conventions and festivals, resulted in the first ever challenge being issued in the year of 2014 at ICON, resulting in a major success.

If it’s one thing gamers enjoy doing, it’s unlocking achievements, so if you have any achievements YOU would like to see in the next GREAT GEEK CHALLENGE, please email us with your ideas so we can feed it to our army of highly trained convention ninjas for consideration. (No idea is too big or too small!)


For reference, here are the general rules governing all challenges:




Participating in the Great Geek Challenge is a simple thing: sign up for a challenge sheet and review the printed tasks and  achievements of geeky strength. As you complete each task, mark it appropriately in the  “Done” column, then get a witness to sign off that you did it. Once you’ve completed all the challenges you wish to attempt, return the form to where you picked it up and your score will be uploaded.

At the end of the day, prize winners will be drawn from those who returned forms. Your chance to win a prize increases based on the number of tasks you have completed i.e. every achievement completed is another entry into the overall draw for prizes. But please remember the following:

  1. Thou shalt be honorable in your conduct during the pursuit of this challenge.
  2. Thou shalt respect thy fellow geeks whilst pursuing the challenge.
  3. The number of entries allowed per person is ONE. TWO is too many and ZERO is not enough.
  4. Thou shalt not interfere in the ongoing of other sanctioned Con/Festival events in order to complete a task



What does it cost to enter? – Nothing! Just five minutes of your time to give us your contact details. We may send a promotional email at a later date to tell you the winners and other info, but if you don’t want that, let us know when you hand in your challenge sheet!

I’m not going to be here by then end of the Con/Festival… will I miss out on my prize? – No, so long as the mail address and/or  cell number you gave is legitimate, we will contact you and keep your prize till you can collect it.

So I just need a witness to sign? – Yes, preferably in the case of a task involving interaction, get the person you interacted with to sign. Remember, this is an honor system (see Rule 1)

Pfft, Honor system, what’s to stop me from just getting my friend to sign everything? – Seriously? Why are you even asking this? Go ahead and try it buster… To keep things fair our elite team of Con-ninjas are going to be spot checking claimed achievements here and there for inconsistencies. But at the end of the day, this is a self-test, we expect you to be honest about your achievements

What counts as “Interfering in a Con/Festival event?” – Did the event have to halt for longer than a minute? If so you’re probably disrupting it. Don’t ruin other people’s fun with your need to get achievements (see Rule 2) and likewise they won’t ruin yours!

What sort of prizes are there? – Loads of goodies are always up for grabs from several of the Con/Festivals’s vendors and are many and varied. Prizes will be on a selection basis as winners are announced, should the winner be present during the draw, (so those at the prize giving who have their name called will get to pick first), otherwise prizes will be allocated randomly to each successive winner.

I don’t like the selection of prizes remaining, what do I do? – Good gods… stop whining… you’re getting free loot! Pick something random and give it to someone in the audience… Make a new friend out of the prize!


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