Winner Results – Great Geek Challenge ICON 2015 2

Phew! ICON 2015 and what an amazing weekend it was!

Jabula Recration Center was a hive of activity as all sorts of hobbies flourished! With Geeks abound we had our most entries ever at 60 this year! (although that counts the 3 numb-skulls who entered without putting their names or email addresses on the forms… guys! I cant get you prizes if you’re silly!)

As always, Thanks where thanks is due!

a MASSIVE Special Thanks to our supporters at the convention:

Cosmic Comics
Plushie Heaven
Silk Road
Outer Limits Melville
The Underground
Skycastle Games
Digital Sushi
Kim Bussiahn – Animation in Suspension

Head on over to these folks Facebook pages, give them a like and thank them yourselves! (Remember, the prize support is ENTIRELY based off these guys generosity! So without them this contest wouldn’t be free!)

Now, down to business!

First off, Our champion this year for ICON is none other then last years Geekfest first place winner Carla Harris with a great 69! It seems she and Steven swapped places his year, their rivalries burning ever strong!

As for the other Challenge winners…

I’ve captured all the data and drawn our winners! (Remember, the more tasks you completed, the higher your chance of winning something in the draw!)

Our winners this year are: (In Draw order)

Joashua Newcomb 
Rudi Booysen 
Daniel Hallinan  
Anteinette Henn
Chandre Nortier  
Ian Bear
Cobus Van Wyk 
Caitlin Jacobs
Shelly Kirby 
Gjolene Boshoff 

We have sent out messages to their provided cell numbers, but sometimes that doesnt seem to reach them! So if you see a friends name here, congratulate them on winning in case they don’t even know!

If you don’t get a message within the next few days and your name is up there, drop us an email at from the email you wrote on your entry sheet (that way we know it’s really you!) so that we can sort you out!



And that’s that!

If you didn’t win this time around, you’re probably going to have to charge up your energy for the next Great Geek Challenge! Keep an eye out for the Gummy King! Something tells me next challenge he’s going to be playing an important role!



Have any ideas for a challenge we can add? Or a Convention you’d like us to run at? Drop us a line at


Thanks for playing guys!


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