Con Report: Killcon 2015

It was Killcon this last weekend up North at Outer Limits in Pretoria.
I joined in the 40K competition on Saturday before the Geek Quiz. This is how it all went down.

First a bit of a preamble. Going into the tournament myself and some of the guys from Warzone did a lot of theory crafting of what lists we might see, the prime dread being the 7 Scatter Laser wielding jet bike list. However after some more discussion and furious reddit browsing and googling we found that likely an 18 space marine scout team could have been so much worse.

With these lists in mind and some previous success with Tau at the last kill team tournament I decided I’d give them a whirl again. I’d need to get a 2+ save or be really hardy in order to survive the jet bikes or fast moving marine lists so I decided that a stealth team and some durable suits would be the order of the day (Thank you Farsight Enclaves for moving my suits to troops to enable this)

After a couple of test games I eventually settled on the following list:
Stealth Suit, burst cannon, bonding knife ritual. (Leader)
Stealth Suit, burst cannon, bonding knife ritual. (Guerilla Specialist)
Stealth Suit, burst cannon, bonding knife ritual.
Crisis Suit, Twin linked missile pod, bonding knife ritual. (Indomitable Specialist)
Crisis Suit, Plasma rifle, Flamer, Stimulant Injector, bonding knife ritual. (Weapons Specialist)

On the day of the tournament there was a good mix of lists, the dreaded jet bikes being there, with Dark Eldar on their bikes showing up twice and various space marine variants filling the gaps and an Astra Militarum and Necron list for some more variation.

Round 1 (Blood Angels, bikes and death guard with jet packs)
I manage to win the roll off to get first turn and decide to deploy on the side of the board with a huge line of sight blocking building. I’m confident I can whittle his numbers down before he gets to me for the assault while getting some good jump shoot jump in to keep out of danger and my first turn goes as planned as 3 marines (including a plasma wielding biker with ignores cover) die. I’m feeling good as none of my guys get shot at and my second turn rolls in. At which point my tau decide they really don’t feel like hurting the marines any more and none fall. Damn. The marines surge ahead with this, double strengthing my one suit with a melta gun (that’s what I get for picking feel no pain instead of eternal warrior) and quickly locking my army up in close combat. Even with 3+ saves my suits can’t stand up to the assaults and at the top of turn 4 I’m tabled, having only killed 4 marines in the game.
LVP: Losing a suit a melta gun and failing to kill anything on turn 2.

Round 2 (Necron, So many destroyers…)
I’m annoyed by my loss in the first round and pretty sure I have no chance of winning the tournament now, but I’ll make sure to do better in my later games. My second opponent is Dylan playing a ‘cron list that we’d discussed in the week leading up to the tournament. I know the ap3 is going to hurt but when my plasma wielding suit is made to outflank by the mission rules I know I have a chance. I manage to roll to get first turn again and start by firing two missiles and a lot more of my army at his ignores cover guy managing to take him down. With that out of the way it comes to me having to hug line of sight blocking terrain but he has two of the three objectives and I need to get on them. I ask how many attacks his destroyers have in close combat and hear only 1 in reply. Figuring that I have a slight advantage in close combat against him my Tau do the most un-Tau thing and charge into close combat (I had rolled a 5 for my warlord trait and as such had fleshbane on my leader). And it pays off, with quick fire rounds of close combat my tau flop, slap and eventually work out how to use those bonding knives to kill those nasty ‘crons and I finish the game with 2 objectives to his one.
MVP: Fleshbane on a stealthsuit

Round 3 (Astra Militarum, Vets with autocannons and a scout sentinel)
That is a lot of army men on the other side of the table… With 19 models he has the largest kill team and I’m thankful I equipped my one suit with a flamer. How to get him in without being shot down I’d have to see. The mission is to kill the enemy leaders and with some sneaky deployment and a large line of sight blocking chaos altar at the centre of the table I’m sure I can do something. Again I get first turn and my missile pod takes advantage of this to double strength his first autocannon team. My preferred enemy stealth suit follows this up by killing his leader in the backlines and I sell him for dead as a good portion of the guard turn to go after him and he doesn’t make it to cover in his thrust move. But surprisingly he survives and begins picking off his pursuers as my flamer gets into position to burnanate. His sentinel arrives from the flanks and snipes my leader out (2+ cover saves hey :P) but my plasma suit is having none of it and destroys it in return. I end with 15 kill points (Great as its the tie breaker decider) in the end having only lost one of my suits and I’m back on track if I can win my next game.
MVP: Preferred enemy stealth guy.

Round 4 (Dark Eldar, Jet Bikes)
Next up is Fouche who has yet to lose a game and is sporting a list I did not do very well against in my test games leading up to the tournament. We roll off and I get first turn again, making sure he doesn’t have any str 8 shooting I give my missile pod feel no pain and get setup to try remove as many bikes as I can before they all charge my tau down. The mission is to capture the hill at the centre of the board and I have 4 less models than he does so its going to be tough. He fortunately doesn’t seize the initiative and I manage to down 3 of his bikes in my opening volley, including his ignores cover guy. His response is swift and my preferred enemy specialist and plasma suit are charged, but no rends on the hammer of wrath and my stealth suit manages to survive and surprisingly even kill his attacker in the second round of combat! I manage to break his army at the top of the second turn and his space elves start running but not before leaving me with only two stealth suits at the start of my 4th turn. One hoofs it but my leader sticks around, unable to inspire his distant friend to stick around. He moves out into the open by the hill after shooting a bike down and hopes he can sit things out. Fouche starts his turn with only one guy left (he’s behind line of sight blocking terrain, about to become fearless on turn 5 and can sweep in to take the hill). He needs a 9 to stay on the board but rolls a 10 and his man leaves the battle giving me the victory! This was a damn close game with both of us having to think every move and each roll making a huge difference, definitely my favorite game of the day.
MVP: Having some games against a similar list before and knowing what needed to be done to win.

Round 5 (Eldar, Scatter Lasers Everywhere!)
Jaap is my final opponent and he’s using the list we had all dreaded in the lead up. I’m confident I can win though as the list I have is built to beat it. I know if I win this game I should win the tournament so I’ve got to keep focused. Its the mission with the fake objectives that only one can be the real one on a roll of a 6 when getting to it. We roll off and yet again I get first turn, taking up position behind line of sight blocking terrain near two of the objectives. I need to have the objective be on my side as getting to the bikes is going to be difficult. With some luck I manage to get a 6 on the objective behind the line of sight blocking building and my suits quickly reposition themselves behind it after taking out his leader and fearless specialist. He fires everything he has at my leader who is stuck behind terrain but his 2+ cover save is enough to see of the 20 shots (Jaap’s dice were not happy with him it seems as he rolled at least one 1 to wound with each guy). I get my guys behind cover and my missiles manage to kill one more jet bike before the bikes move in across the table to attempt to deal with my suits. I can’t get everyone away and the bike unload on my plasma suit and one of the stealth suits. My plasma suit survives on a wound and the stealth suit is fine too. The eldar are forced to charge but take a nasty toll in overwatch as my Tau work together (Missile pod guy having none of it and hitting both times with his overwatch to kill a bike). The eldar get into close combat but their lack of attacks and my crisis teams strength 5 wins out and the bikes are eliminated.
MVP: Good deployment and a lucky 6 early on with some good list building to meta the jet bikes.

And with that I had won, and Fouche’s game against the ‘crons is not going as well as he’d like. Unable to get the kill points to catch up to mine I sneak ahead managing to take the tournament. All in all I had a great tournament with some great moments throughout each of my games. I really wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did after my first game loss but in the end it worked out it seems.

Thanks to Steph for running an awesome tournament again and fighting a few games when we had odd players too. Definitely looking forward to the next one of these and trying out something new once more.

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