Episode 10 – That’s no moon! 3

Welcome to September everyone!

This month we are joined by our good friend Ryan “Fish” Young, who is here to chat to us about Star Wars.

We start out by discussing the new wave of Tabletop X-wing ships, but the discussion certainly isn’t limited by those boundaries. Join us as we chat about all things space wizardly to come!

PS: Don’t forget our “Hulk-uu” Contest  listen to the episode for details on how you can win a cool prize!


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For those looking to follow links about things we discuss, here is a list of things that get mentioned during the course of the show:

Watcha Doin:

Warhammer 40K : Deathguard

Games Workshop 

Gravity Falls


Wildstar Online

Homefront Carnage Local Tournament – @ Battle Wizards

Warhammer generals

Lost at Sea, Bryan lee o Malley

Seconds, Bryan lee o Malley


Cube World

A wise investment


Wild News Headlines:

Sandton City Star Wars Exhibit

Canal Walk Star Wars Exhibit

Magentic Field Wormhole 

Youtube Gaming

Space Beer

Troll 2

The Room


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