Episode 3 – Big in Japan

Great googly moogly, It’s February already, so we have a brand new episode for you!

In this episode we are joined by Kevin Barlow, Gregg’s brother and a young translator who’s making it Big In Japan working for Good Smile Company. In it we discuss how he ended up in Japan, why he ended up in Japan and thing’s you should probably go see and do if you ever find yourself up there. (Yes yes, get your griping over how we sound similar out already… keep listening you’ll figure out who is who fast enough)

Also, as a special bonus at the end, we also discuss our top 3 most influential Animes, that helped shape what we choose to watch today.


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0s – Intro
1m 1s – Watcha’ Doin
32m 21s – A Wild News Headline Appears
59m 01s – Japan Discussion
2h 24m 56s – Outro

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