Episode 8 – Breaking Conventions 1

Welcome to a chilly winter July!

Grab our latest episode and listen to it as you snuggle up under a nice warm blanket, because this month it’s Convention Season in South Africa!

In this episode we have a special two guests both somehow squeezing into our third chair as we chat with Stephen Friedman and Carla Harris, our two highest scorers in last years Great Geek Challenge!

We chat about South Africa’s current convention/festival scene.

From old existing conventions to new up and comers on the block, we chat about what’s currently around and also what we think should potentially come for the conventions scene in the future, as well as a discussion on how best to go about the Great Geek Challenge!

Sit down, snuggle up and enjoy!


Don’t forget this is your last chance to enter our “Hulk-uu” Contest!

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PS: Don’t Forget!



We’re running the Great Geek Challenge again this year at both Geekfest and ICON! so grab your entry forms and participate for cool prizes! it’s free!

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