Podcast Release

Geek Of All Trades: Episode 58 – A New Beginning

We’re back! With a more slimline and remote approach, you can now see both Gregg and Douw as we discuss all things geeky! Join us this episode as we catch up on some of the latest Geeky news and pursuits. Want to join us live? Check us out at https://www.twitch.tv/themolecast, we stream the podcast fortnightly […]

Geek Of All Trades: Episode 55 – Why not unicorns?

Have you ever asked yourself… Why not unicorns? Neither have we until now, as we are joined by Gamer and self proclaimed unicorn Shelly “Xenorra” in order to discuss the recent excitement around the combined Rush/Geekfest event, as well as upcoming adventures surrounding South Africa’s involvement in the competitive Overwatch scene and the Creators United […]

Geek Of All Trades: Episode 51 – Spooky Spectacular

Ah February, the month of love and slowly recovering Christmas budgets! Which is why of course, we are discussing the spooky and mythical! Being episode (Area) 51, we couldn’t resist bringing in our old friend Vittorio Leonardi, who has recently started his own podcast covering the Unrbane Myths of South Africa Join us as we […]